The tensions between Iran and Turkey seem to increase, as the Teheran administration called the Turkey Ambassador on Monday, for further explanations regarding the statements made by the Turkish officials, who claimed that Iran wants to transform Syria and Iraq in Shiite countries. The accusations were made in Munich, where the most important countries gathered up for a meeting regarding national security.

The Iranian officials warned Turkey not to test the limits of Teheran, mentioning that their patience is already limited.

Ankara and Teheran are supporting different parts in the conflict in Syria, and the Turkish President and the Foreign Affairs Minister have declared in several times that Iran could diminish the stability in the Middle East with his actions. The declarations were made on Sunday at the Security Conference in Germany, so the Iranian leaders had to call the Turkish ambassador in order to clarify the declarations.

After the meeting, the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry made also a press release and warned Turkey not to play with words. Bahram Ghasemi said the country is one of the most important neighbors and Iran assisted them whenever they needed help, especially after the failed conspiracy in the summer of 2016 and mentioned that he truly hopes that Turkey will speak in a clever way about Iran, and don’t force them to fight back in any way. He also stated that they are and still will be patient with Turkey, but the patience usually has its own limits.