Lady Victoria

The 40-year-old actress attended the ‘Bitter Harvest’ premiere and, if she planned to steal all the attention, she succeeded.

Lady Victoria Hervey stepped on the red carpet in the most awkward see-through number.

The ‘dress’ didn’t leave anything to the imagination and the plasters that covered her areolas turned her outfit into a literal joke.

Beneath the garment, Victoria wore only a pair of black panties and those plasters.

We all can agree that she looks fantastic and her toned body is the dream of every woman out there, but the fact that she chose to expose it in this manner and at such an exquisite event was 100% inappropriate.

This is not Victoria’s first rodeo when it comes to raunchy outfits

The fact that she is trying so much makes her even more ridiculous.

In her efforts to be noticed by everyone, the 40-year-old wore a similar outfit three years ago at the Golden Globes,

The British model sported a black see-through dress with silvery applications which only covered her intimate parts.

The transparent dress was created by Indian designer Gaurav Gupta and made the entire male audience to salivate, while the ladies took advantage of the occasion to launch the most acid remarks.

Fashion critics were not very impressed either. On the contrary!

Lady Victoria’s dress was obviously a strategy to get more publicity.

The blonde is a British aristocrat and the daughter of the Marquise of Bristol.