The actress is a former Scientologist and was invited to a TV show to talk about exactly what happens at the controversial meetings and declared that Tom Cruise could end this trend all of his own is he wanted to, as the whole church is based on his fame and celebrity and everything could fall in a minute if he would leave the Scientology. She claims that is a mutual deal between the church and Tom Cruise, as the religion gains more adepts by using his image, and Cruise has a special status inside the organization.

Leah stated that there are long hours of studying that she thinks are meant to brainwash the adepts. Asked of Tom Cruise does all these things also, the actress stated that this is a major problem and a sign of hypocrisy, as some of the rules of are bent for him inside the church.

Tom Cruise first talked about Scientology 4 years ago, when he promoted the movie Jack Reacher, saying about it that it’s a beautiful religion and that he is very proud of being part of it.

On the other hand, Leah Remini developed as a Scientologist, but she decided to leave also 4 years ago when Cruise made his first speech about the church. The two of them are not in a very good relationship since then, especially because the actress released a book last year, writing about the Hollywood and Scientology nightmare. She spoke against the church and the reactions were immediate. The Scientologist officials denied everything Leah wrote in her memoir and said that she did this only for the money.