Over seven centuries of tradition might be broken after France offered Oxford University the chance to open a foreign campus in Paris, after the Brexit.

Last week, the French officials met the University staff with the suggestion that they could open a campus in Paris so that the European links for all the students should not be lost.

The proposal is not a new idea, as more Universities embraced the idea of having a satellite in Paris. For example, Warwick University wants to open a campus in the French capital, in order to receive EU funding, as they won’t be able to do that once the Brexit is applied.

France is approaching UK banks and Universities to relocate their business to their country or at least make joint programs and research labs.

The construction of the new campus in Paris will begin in 2018 and there is more institution that is expected to join the project, as the French officials want to bring the most prestigious educational institutions back into the European Union. A communicator from Oxford said the University staff has not taken a decision yet, but they are willing to remain open to any chances of development, as the political changes in the UK are not very constant at the moment.

The French officials in education declared that they have consulted with the EU before they make the proposal and they think this is a good way for the European students to have a freedom of movement and for the Universities to get the funding they need.