Thousands of British people protested in the Parliament Square on Monday because of the authorities’ decision to welcome Donald Trump in an official state visit this year.

The online petition who asked the MPs not to permit the state visit because it would embarrass the Queen gathered almost 1.85 million signatures, while an adverse petition had only 300.000 signatures.

The protests also gathered some important names of the public figures, and they say Trump shouldn’t be welcomed in the United Kingdom because of his attitude towards the women’s right, the immigrants and towards the Muslims and the visit of the President of the United States is not an honor for the Brits, but a shame.

Although the protesters are very determined and the number of signatures is huge, the prime-minister doesn’t want to cancel the visit. Theresa May declared that she wants to develop and make more forceful ties with the United States, especially in this moments, when UK is separating from the EU.

The government officials also stated that they believe they should do everything it’s in their power to have a great relation with the greatest power of the world and president Trump. They described the state visit as an important political mechanism for the two countries and they hope nothing will go wrong during the diplomatic event.

The petition debate in the Parliament was mostly figurative, as the MPs didn’t actually have the power to stop the official visit, despite the protests and the significant number of signatures for the petition.