A recent study suggests that nearly 75% Venezuelans lost at least eight 17 pounds in 2016.

Last year, Venezuela was kneeled by this aggressive economic crisis.

The shocking data are part of a study about the living situation in Venezuela and it was conducted by the Central University of Venezuela and the Simon Bolivar University.

According to the research, the Venezuelans are no longer consuming 2.000 calories, as recommended by doctors, but they also lost 17 pounds due to the lack of some of the most nutritious foods.

In addition, the researchers discovered most Venezuelans replaced the red and white meat with vegetables and potatoes.

82,8% of the population is considered poor

The Venezuelan people experiences a tough political and economic crisis, that led to the disappearance of most basic foods.

Basic medicines and treatments are also missing from the shelves of most pharmacies.

The United Nations Committee from Latin America estimates Venezuela’s GDP will drop by 4% in 2017.

Another alarming aspect highlighted by this research was the fact that 93% Venezuelans don’t have enough money to buy basic food products.

In addition, snacks and healthy saturated fats disappeared completely from the diet of the average Venezuelan.

Only 78% Venezuelans serve breakfast and 32% admit they only eat to meals/ per day.

This general crisis led to an educational crisis and more than one million children dropped their studies.