Wedding Attire Etiquette

Spring is right around the corner and so is the wedding season.

The outfit you decide to wear to a wedding must be chosen based on the venue and on the season, of course.

Wedding Attire Etiquette

However, according to fashion experts, the most important aspect regarding this process are the rules of etiquette.

To avoid a complete fashion fail, you must know what it’s NOT allowed to wear to a wedding.

A white number

If this wedding is not yours, you are forbidden to wear white. The bride is the only person who is donning white, so please have the decency to let her shine. Also, beige, ivory, and other bright shades similar to white are also included in this category.

Raunchy ensembles

There is nothing wrong in wearing sexy outfits, but when it comes to attending a wedding don’t take it to a whole another level, ‘cause it’s not the best moment and certainly not the best place.

If you decide to wear a skimpy miniskirt, all the attention will redirect on you, instead of on focusing on the bride.

Animal print items

If you want to wear an animal print dress you should know this is not a masked carnival or a night club.

Instead of becoming the joke of the night, you should always go for a floral-printed dress.

All-black outfits

We agree that ‘black’ is absolutely elegant and has the ability of ‘slimming down’ that nasty meat bag, but don’t accessorize it with a black pair of shoes, a black purse, and ALSO BLACK STOCKINGS.

This is not a funeral, this is a cheerful event that celebrates love and happiness.

Please, leave that ‘Morticia’ look at home.

The same color as the bridesmaids

To avoid a humiliating experience, please do some research before you attend the event.

Unless you want the photographer to mistaken you with the maid of honor.