Men will never know what being pregnant feels like.

Consequently, they will never know the pain we may experience.

But, they can now see things from a different point of view, since it was invented a bracelet that changes the perspective a bit.

Researchers have created a smart bracelet that transmits the baby’s movements in the womb to the father.

Worn on their wrist, men will not feel “left out” during pregnancy.

How does the thing work?

The mother wears a patch that it kinda functions as a screen and connects wireless to the bracelet.

It has some internal rotating pearls imitating the baby’s blows.

So, when the signal is transmitted in real-time to the device as the mother feels a movement, the father feels it, too.

The major aim was to make fathers get to know what is like to carry a baby in your belly.

The sensation is shared instantly and the person wearing the bracelet will feel the hit in real time.

We rely on sharing common experiences. Parents can rent the system during pregnancy, so it’s very convenient.

Fathers worldwide will be guaranteed high-quality sensations.

We do not yet know the exact date of releasing the bracelets.

However, the product is expected on the market in 2018.

So, it’s time to let men understand what it feels like to be pregnant.

Another ingenious invention is Moon bump, a false belly that mimics the pregnancy.

It connects to the man’s body with some straps, weighs the same as the belly of a pregnant woman and is a good example for men of what women are going through.