Congo wants another president

Their leaders suggest the idea of quitting the presidential election from this year might become a reality.

As revealed by one of their diplomats, the election is a very expensive and unnecessary process.

‘It’s difficult to believe we can mobilize $1.8 billion this year’, declared Minister of Finance Pierre Kanguadia Mbayi.

The National Independent Electoral Commission of Congo, the largest Sub-Saharan nation in Africa estimated the election will cost $1.8 billion dollars.

This is certainly a substantial amount and the equivalent of two-thirds from the budget that covered the American presidential election in 2016.

Not to mention that the economic difference between the two countries is huge, reports The Washington Post.

Money is necessary to register their 30 million electors in a country with one of the weakest transportation systems.

The authorities strongly doubt the government will manage to mobilize all its electors before 2018.

The solution of the Congolese government will not be criticized by its initial president, Joseph Kabila, who rules the country since his father’s assassination in 2001.

These last surveys suggest the people want another president.

According to the international press, Kabila doesn’t want to quit until a new leader will be elected and his decision was also supported by the Constitutional Court.

Congo – the largest Sub-Saharan African nation never had a peaceful transition when it came to a political change.

Since 1990, the state was affected by numerous conflicts that moderated in 2000.