The folks at Disney have managed to successfully create a method to provide a complete wireless coverage in an ordinary room.

The system allows you to connect all the devices you need.

In a study published in a specialty journal, researchers described the method applied for emitting approximately 1,900 watts of energy in a limited space.

However, the efficiency differs from where the system is placed.

The room must be built specifically to enable a wireless power supply.

This means that walls must be constructed of aluminum panels and the center of the room must be marked using a copper rod that connects the floor to the ceiling.

Right in the middle of the rod, a section is removed. Into the empty spot, scientists placed 15 capacitors, which are to set the resonance frequency and isolate the electrical fields.

Once the system is in place, the room is covered by a magnetic field. The coil that resonates at the same frequency as the devices in the room allows their charging without any problems.

The 1,900 watts of energy are under the limit of energy that the human body can absorb and does not represent a danger to those in proximity.

The problem, as we learned based on the same sources, is that you must have great care and not approach more than 46 centimeters the pillar in the middle of the room.

The researchers noted that this problem will be solved with a more reactive system.

Although there are many obstacles for those who choose to implement this method, the system is viable and could eliminate some of the worries of everyday life.