The police of Ohio offers the citizens the possibility to contact them on Facebook for issues that don’t require immediate assistance. A 10 years old girl asked the officers to help her with her math homework and showed them the exercise that seemed to cause her trouble.

Lena Draper logged into her mother’s account and sent a message to the police department saying that she has the problem with her math homework. She didn’t seem to understand how the rules of algebra. The multiplications gave her some headaches, so she asked the officer on duty to give her some help.  Gruber, the policeman who is managing the Facebook account thought that this might be a joke, but decided to help her anyway. So, he made a memory effort and gave the little girl the answer for the problem.

The officer joke about the story and says the girl should get an A only for the effort of asking the help of the police. The police station in Ohio gets for about 5 to 8 messages a day on their Facebook page and this is the first time when they got a request like Lena’s.

The girl’s mother didn’t believe her daughter actually asked the police for help with her assignment, so she asked her to make a print screen that she posted on Facebook. The thing got viral in just a few hours.

Molly says she was amazed but proud of her girl and her capacity to manage in new situations. She also claims that it’s no surprise the police was so helpful, as the officers have always seemed to be close to the citizens, even on social media.