Donald Trump’s critics noticed that his wife, Melania Trump, had the most awkward reaction after he rubbed her shoulder.

The facial expression was captured by millions and showcases the First Lady during a speech held in Florida.

Melania, who used to be a top model, is considered by shrinks a shy, insecure and cautious person, especially when she is around her husband.

Before the president’s introduction, his wife read the Lord’s Prayer.

And she finished the prayer she held this inadequate speech about how her husband will make America great again.

So far, nothing extraordinary.

However, right before she started to recite the prayer, the critics notice the most unusual thing.

Melania was smiling while thanking her supporters and she was obviously uptight and nervous because the people were still applauding.

Her husband was wandering on the stage when at one point he touched her shoulder.

During that exact moment, for one second, Melania jumped out and made this awkward face, confirming the rumors regarding their not-so-happy marriage.

Obviously, the ‘#FreeMelania’ hashtags flooded the internet and the memes with Melania’s expressions were all over the internet.