Middle East weapon

Middle East & the weapon industry 

The weapon industry reached its highest level since the era of the Cold War, suggests a new data report.

According to the most recent numbers, the imports from Saudi Arabia and Qatar grew by 200% in the last five years and half of the exports from the United States arrived in the Middle East.

For those who live in areas of conflict the weapons represent a cruel reality.

However, for others, this industry represents one of the most important financial sources.

During a fair organized in UAE, in one day, billion dollars contracts were sealed and most demands originate from the Middle East.

According to some researchers, the expenses in the defense field, especially in this region, could reach $186 billion dollars by 2020.

At the fair organized in Abu Dhabi, the manufacturers exhibit their newest defense systems: bulletproof vehicles, gunners with projectiles able to destroy a combat tank and hi-tech weapons.

However, the most attractive section is the one packed with jets.

The experts claim the demand for aircraft, combat vehicles and systems meant to track and collect valuable information are the most popular.

‘I think this year the sales for aircraft will become more profitable than the sales reported in the commercial planes industry’, said one of the producers.

The United States represents one of the biggest weapon producers and, according to experts, the sales could reach a staggering $68 billion dollars this year.

So far, Donald Trump didn’t make any statement related to the weapon industry in the Middle East.