Organization Levant’s Freedom

A new jihadist organization surfaced a month ago in Syria might replace the Islamic State after its final defeat, warn the Kremlin diplomats.

We are talking about Tahrir al-Sham or the ‘organization for Levant’s freedom’ – a jihadist group founded on 28th January in Syria.

This group was formed through the union of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (former al-Qaeda) and other smaller organizations.

These groups tried to approach another ‘concept’ during their efforts to differentiate themselves from the ‘terrorist organization’ label.

However, the Russian diplomacy warns this new group might take over ISIS’ attributions, considering the fact that controls a substantial part from the north-western part of the country.

According to the representative of Russian External Affairs Ministry, Maria Zaharova, the global organizations are worried by the appearance of this new organization.

Apparently, the Organization for Levant’s Freedom plans to create a new branch in Idylb and Hama.

The Russian diplomat believes this terrorist entity will be created to honor the Islamic principles, although we are aware these groups have nothing to do with real Islam.

According to the American authorities, the Organization for Levant’s Freedom will become a citadel for everyone who wants to support the ideology of violence and terror in Syria.

Similar statements were made by some American experts.

Apparently, Tahrir al-Sham wants to create ‘an emirate ruled by Al-Qaeda in Syria’.

During the last week, Tahrir al-Sham constantly attacked the pro-Assad forces, including the kamikaze soldiers.