That’s what her ex-husband claims to use against her to destroy her image as an artist, but especially as a mother.

The scandalous divorce continues.

Michael and Lisa, along with their twins, while they were living better times.

Lisa’s divorce of Lockwood seems endless.

The war between the two only brings out to the surface, one after another, dead skeletons hidden under the beds of both Lisa and Michael.

Thus, Lisa Marie shocked the world by declaring that Michael would have collected hundreds of images of child pornography.

In response, Lockwood argues in his latest documents filed in court that he own pictures of Lisa Marie naked and drugged.

These images may result in Lisa’s forfeiture of her rights as a mother.

“Michael took some pictures of Lisa naked when she was stoned… But, frankly, that is how the last days of their marriage went. They were both wandering the house naked in the presence of their kids, they even bathe naked in the pool with the kids,” stated a close friend of the family.

Also, the same source declared that last summer, before being hospitalized in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction, Lisa was not able to do anything anymore.

She just slept most of the time.

Apparently, Lisa is now very scared of Michael’s threats and fears she might lose the custody of her twins, as she had confessed to one of her friends, referring to Finley and Harper, aged 8 years.

The two girls are now in a state of custody. Grandma Priscilla Presley takes care of them until the situation between their parents will come to a solution.