About ten years ago, it was decided that Pluto is not a planet. Now, it seems like it might gain this title again.

Apparently, scientists have changed their minds about the status of Pluto. Years ago, they called it a dwarf planet, but now they don’t think the same.

A group of scientists from NASA is going to approach the subject next month in a conference about planetary science. This team made a study on Pluto a couple of years ago.

The one who leads the team is none other than Alan Stern, who has fought for establishing Pluto as a planet.

Scientists have argued over the years about the status of this and Alan’s team was even called out for having a simplistic view.

Not only that they are going to clear what Pluto really is, but are going to name other objects from the universe. In total, they will explain about one hundred and ten objects.

What they will bring as a criterion in establishing a planet is its way of being and not the size or shape. They think that the current definition of ‘planet’ is wrong.

Physical properties are what matters most when thinking about a planet. Their view is shared by many other scientists.

We will have to see what the scientists will bring to the table next month. Maybe they will surprise us and really make Pluto a planet again. This will definitely make some happy as there have been many that wanted this.