Refugees Welcome banner

A banner that said: Refugees Welcome was hanged by the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday.

According to BBC, shortly after they removed the banner, NYPD decided to initiate an investigation.

The object measure 1 x 6 meters was placed on the observing platform situated on the pedestal of the famous touristic monument.

No one knows who’s idea was, but the authorities were informed in less than an hour.

Refugees Welcome banner becomes viral on social media 

The incident occurred in midday after the Homeland Security department announced an extension of some immigration policies.

Attaching or the desecration of the Statue of Liberty, a national monument, and America’s most important symbol is absolutely forbidden, mentioned the spokesman of the National Park Service department Jerry Willis.

Through an email sent to NBC 4 New York, an anonymous group known as ‘Alt Statue of Liberty’ claimed the responsibility for the gesture.

‘We are not a formal group. Instead, we are private citizens who felt the need to say something about America, that we trust’ – included the email.

Obviously, the mishap became viral on social media and some Twitter users said the Statue Liberty represents an American symbol of toleration, especially when it comes to immigrants.

‘Well done!!! 👏🏼👏🏿👏🏽👏🏽👏🏾 NEW YORK (AP) — The National Park Service is trying to figure out who unfurled a giant banner at the Statue of Liberty saying “Refugees Welcome.” Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis says the 3-by-20-foot banner was hung from the public observation deck at the top of the statue’s pedestal Tuesday afternoon. The banner was taken down more than an hour later. Willis says regulations prohibit anything fixed to the statue. #thislandisyourland #thislandisourland #statueofliberty #freedom #liberty #justice #ladyliberty #nyc #newyork #protest #resist #immigration’, commented one user on Twitter.