Several shrinks tried to reveal why Donald Trump has been acting the way he does since he has been elected the new leader of the United States, claiming that he is a psycho, while some experts stated that the president suffers from a form of personality disorder. The declarations have been made in the media or on the social networks and seem that the anti-Trump Americans have embraced them.

The American Association of the Psychiatrists warned its members not to analyze Donald Trump, as that might be considered a violation of the moral principles of the branch. The organization’s presidents say she understands the wish to analyze the candidates, especially after the character of the elections, but claims this is an unethical and irresponsible gesture of the members.

Trump is not the first political figure that has been analyzed by the psychiatrists during the history. 50 years ago, a republican candidate has been defamed in a newspaper, after the publication wrote the opinion of a shrink about the candidate. Barry Goldwater sued the newspaper and won and that’s when the rule that has his name in it appeared. The regulation suggests that no psychiatrist should make any statement or public analysis about a public figure, political or not.

The rule has been neglected by a couple of doctors that posted on Twitter their opinion on Trump’s mental disorders, saying that they needed to break the ethics because the president is a danger to the mental wellbeing of the American people, as a new ideology has been born in the US: the “Trumpism”, supporting and cheering the president’s actions and ideas.