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Libya & the refugee crisis

74 immigrants were discovered on a beach in Libya, reported some representative of the Red Cross.

The corps were dead for two days during a shipwreck, write The Guardian.

The 71 deceased men and women are originally from Sub-Sahara and their inflatable boat was found in the area.

According to the authorities, the number of corps might increase, considering these boats have a capacity of nearly 120 passengers.

Libya has become a well-known departure point for the immigrants who want to reach the European coasts, by crossing the Mediterranean.

According to the Libyan coastal guards, the currents ‘bring’ corps to the shore at least twice a month.

Last year, nearly 181.000 immigrants tried to cross the Mediterranean.

5.000 of them lost their lives during their struggle to reach the European continent.

Starting with January, more than 270 people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

Since 2016, the European Union initiated a series of humanitarian campaigns meant to reduce the number of immigrants who plan to embark on such dangerous journeys.

The European leaders supported the Libyan government from Tripoli and suggested a tighter collaboration with the African countries.

The European Union believes more than 70% of these immigrants, who end up on the Libya-Italy route originate from Africa’s poorest countries.

In conclusion, we are talking about the so-called economic immigrants and not just about some individuals who run from violent political countries or aggressive regimes.

Most of them seek for asylum.