David Beckham

David Beckham had to make an urgent visit to the dentist after he chipped a tooth during a snowboard accident.

This incident follows David’s son clavicle fracture, who suffered the lesion during the exact same training.

The football legend fell off the snowboard during the family vacation from last week in Whistler, Canada.

Apparently, the footballer chipped his incisive pretty bad.

‘David is a soldier and didn’t make a big deal of it. It’s not a reason to panic, it was just a moment of worry’, added a friend.

At the beginning of this week, Brooklyn uploaded an Instagram video, in which he showcased his fans how he managed to fracture his clavicle.

The video was watched by 400.000 users in the first four hours and it was published with the hashtag: ‘#ibrokemyclavicle’.

David’s oldest son seems ok now, considering that he was spotted by paparazzi out and about in London.

He even attended the Brit Awards 2017.

Regarding his father’s condition, David solved his ‘little tooth problem’.