Obama France

The French people want Barack Obama as their next president.

Unsatisfied by the current candidates, they are kindly asking the former American president to present his candidacy.

The people behind the obama2017.fr website struggles to convince the former American leader to the candidate at the presidential election in France and to become their 25th leader.

According to the web page, the representatives of the site gathered an impressive number of followers, who promised to vote for Obama if he decides to run.

Apparently, their ultimate goal is to raise one million campaign promises until 15th March.

Obama in France?

The people who initiated this unusual campaign explained that Barack Obama has the best resume in the world when it comes to this position.

In addition, they are also ‘tired of voting against some candidates, instead of choosing a real president’.

Hundreds of Obama 17 posters were already posted in Paris’ first borough.

However, the representatives of the site explained that, obviously, the purpose of this campaign is not to choose Barack Obama as president.

First of all, the former American president will never be able to do that because he is not a French citizen.

They are just struggling to make ‘voters to think about this, to reject our current politicians and to make people dream’.

On 20th January, US’ 44th President, Barack Obama and his First Lady left the White House.

After the massive responsibility was taken off his shoulders, Barack is now enjoying sunny vacations and relaxing activities.

Meanwhile, Michelle is preparing her debut in the TV industry, before they settle down in Washington’s most luxurious neighborhood.