Issa Kate

In 2010, the entire world witnessed the most important event of the moment: Kate Middleton and Prince William’s engagement.

The outfit the Duchess of Cambridge wore at the ceremony became worldwide famous and that shade of blue perfectly matched her sapphire engagement ring.

Kate was a huge Issa fan

Although the outfit chosen by Kate could’ve turned the brand into a successful business, after the royal engagement, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Danielle Helayel, the one who owned the Issa brand, declared during an interview for ‘You’ that the ‘Kate effect’ had the most disastrous consequences in her case.

Apparently, no one knew what Kate plans to wear at the engagement party and when the wave of orders appeared, the company was not prepared for such a demand.

Issa had financial issues since 2008, despite the fact celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley and Madonna wore their creations.

So, when their female customers placed so many orders, even weeks after the engagement party, the company couldn’t handle it.

‘We didn’t have the money to finance such a production. The bank refused to offer me a loan and the bills from the factory had to be paid. We needed an investor’

After a while, she found an investor: Camila Al-Fayed, Dodi Al-Fayed’s half-sister, the man who died with Princess Diana in the horrific car crash from August 1997.

Obviously, all went wrong. Camila’s father criticized the royal family and the scandal affected Issa as well.

After the scandal generated by Al-Fayed, Kate decided to not wear Issa ever again.