Entrepreneurs everywhere are talking more and more about automation, but also about what might be the most desired jobs of the future.

So, during a press conference, some researchers discussed the future of humanity and made a number of predictions about the most sought jobs in the market.

It has been discovered an interesting argument against those who currently focuses on IT.

“What now seems like a great job after graduation might no longer have the same relevance in 5 or 10 years,” says one of the researchers.

He believes that the next innovation will be ‘automating automation’.

This assumes that the software will write themselves, as people will no longer be needed for such jobs.

Although the situation is ironic, researchers believe the technology will eventually eliminate most of the jobs in the technology sector.

“Manufactures are not coming back, mining is not coming back. Software development will also get in the same situation in the future”.

If this prediction comes true, then the need for IT-ists and engineers will decrease steadily, but what other jobs they will take their place?

Well, people who will be trained to understand the data produced by automated systems and people who have creative and critical thinking skills will be the most desired employees in the future.

The next 10 will increase the demand for people who attended liberal arts, as will decrease the interest for programmers and even engineers.

Language skills as well as philosophy and psychology could also become the foundation for the most sought jobs in the future.