Trump popularity poll

Donald Trump’s popularity is in a free fall, reaching 38%, shows a recent survey conducted by the Quinnipiac University.

The billionaire managed to register a new record

He is already the oldest and wealthiest leader from the White House and a new ‘title’ in his portfolio should not bother the president.

According to the new study, after four weeks at the White House, only 38% of the voters believe Donald Trump is making the right decisions.

55% believe the exact opposite and his popularity level decreases with every day.

‘The popularity of the president Donald Trump is sinking like a rock’, revealed the manager of the university.

Trump’s popularity poll

So, Trump has a rate of popularity with 21% less the average established by his predecessors.

The first month as a president was a very busy period for Trump: the order against the immigrants and Robert Harward’s refusal are more than Trump could carry.

Apparently, the executive order against the immigrant was the aspect that determined most voters to give Trump a ‘thumbs down’.

If 38% of Americans agree with his decision, 59% are completely against it.

These numbers are incredible, but not necessarily in a positive way.

The survey conducted by the Quinnipiac University took place between 16 and 21 February and included 1.400 voters.

According to the average population, Trump is not trusted worthy, is not well informed and he doesn’t care about them.

Also, most of them are skeptical when it comes to his attitude towards the Democratic institutions.