Turkey Trump

The American president and his Turkish counterpart will meet before the NATO summit set to take place in May.

An Ankara representative revealed the news to Reuters.

The preparations for the official visit are under way.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Trump had a long phone conversation at the beginning of the months and agreed on the Turkish army to coordinate its military actions with the American forces in al-Bab and Rakka.

Also, American vice-president Mike Pence discussed with Turkish premier Binali Yldirim last week.

Pence told the state leader that Washington wishes a fresh new start regarding the relation between the two countries.

In exchange, Yildirim told Pence that the US wants to become tolerant regarding Turkey’s demand of arresting Fethullah Gulen.

The relation between US and Turkey damaged significantly

Turkey has the second most powerful and largest army in NATO and the state it’s a key-ally in the fight against the terrorist organizations from Syria and Iraq.

The collaboration between the two states damaged after the failed coup attempt.

After they refused to deliver Gulen, Ankara was also bothered by the fact the US supports a Kurdish organization.

Turkey labeled the Kurdish group as extremist and their authorities are fighting against it for more than three decades.