A company of energy and robotics announced a few weeks ago one of its employees from South Korea stole $100 million and disappeared with the money.

According to ABB, their representatives discovered a very ‘sophisticated criminal plan’ at its headquarters from South Korea.

As reported by the company, the staggering amount of money disappeared from their accounts two weeks ago, exactly when the suspect vanished.

We are not aware of the suspect’s identity because ABB refused to reveal it, but he allegedly collaborated with some outsiders to steal the money.

A spokesperson for the South Korean police says the man left to Hong Kong and they are collaborating with the Interpol to bring him back to South Korea.

Interpol refused to comment on the case.

‘We are analyzing every option. We are investigating in the country and abroad’, declared the ABB spokesman Domenico Truncellito, who failed to offer other details about the missing employee.

Last year, ABB declared a total income of almost $2 billion and revenues of almost $34 billion.

The Swedish-Swiss company has nearly 132.000 employees all over the world.

ABB mentioned the alleged theft is only targeting the South Korea division, where 800 employees are working.

The subsidiary generated sales of almost $525 million only in 2015.

The CEO labeled the theft as a ‘shocking news’ and something able to tarnish the company’s reputation.