trump and wife

The press is constantly looking for evidence to prove that Donald and Melania’s marriage is not exactly the happiest.

These rumors appeared long before Donald Trump became a president.

Now, they are both in the center of attention and every single one of their gestures is interpreted by an army of shrinks and, then, published in the press.

The first indication regarding Melania’s awkward behavior was noticed at Donald’s investiture ceremony on 20th January.

That awkward moment when Donald told her something and Melania’s face change completely, went viral.

The netizens were shocked by Melania’s response they even came up with a hashtag: ‘#FreeMelania’.

Another proof that Melania is Trump’s doll was noticed at her speech in Florida when her husband rubbed her shoulder and she literally flinched.

To understand better what’s going on, Daily Mail sat down with psychology expert Judi James and analyzed Melania’s every single gesture.

‘When Donald Trump touched her arm, her face showcased this massive fear. Her eyes were on the ground and she looked scared’, confessed Judi.

The expert believes we jump to conclusions regarding their relationship.

Probably they are more uptight in public and this is their way of communicating.

However, the president should pay more attention to his wife’s needs, because she is clearly asking for emotional support.

When is nervous and needs some pep talk, he is careless and doesn’t notice that she might need some help.