The infamous shoe brand is expanding its business. This week, Christian Louboutin revealed a makeup collection. The items are fabulous and come in a lavish packaging.

The collection includes mascara, eyeliner and brow definers. All of them are set to make you look gorgeous as they have so many properties.

The mascara costs 55 pounds and is entitled Lash Amplifying Lacquer Mascara. It is set to give you the best lashes you ever had, a dramatic volume. It is easily applicable and gives a shiny finish.

The liner comes in a variation of color: black, blue and surprisingly, a daring red that made the brand famous. This product costs 58 pounds.

The brow definer comes in several shades and costs 33 dollars.

Louboutin also launched an eye definer, that comes in various shades that are set to last a very long time. This item costs 33 pounds.

Regarding his new line, Christian said that he has always been fascinated by eyes, especially at a woman. He likes the way eyes seem to have a life of their own, how much they transmit. What makeup does is only enhance what they have to say.

Christian was also inspired by the Egyptian beauty, by Nefertiti and her beautiful eye makeup.

Like its previous collections, the packaging is stunning. First, you are getting this beautiful box and when you open it, you discover the stiletto-shaped product. Gold is a predominant color, that accentuates the lavish part of the line.

Until now, besides shoes, the designer brought nail polish and lipstick. Perfume was also launched.

The line will be available next month.