trump and his wife

For three weeks in a row, Donald Trump and his wife visited the luxurious estate in Florida. The president likes it so much that he called it the “winter White House.”

But what is it that makes it so special?

Everything there screams Trump, everything is lavish and worth a ton of money.

The estate is estimated at 200 million dollars and spreads across twenty acres. It even has a private members club, where the president likes to play golf, one of his favorite activities lately.

Inside, there is a ballroom that has 20K square ft. Its walls feature gold leaves that are said to be worth seven million dollars. The library features an ancient oak from England and a rare collection of books that have never been touched.

The presidential couple didn’t frequent the place until now.

In his memoirs, the president describes the place as his personal paradise. The mansion was build in the 20’s and has a Mediterranean theme. At that time, all the gold leaves in America were used. First, it featured 128 rooms, from which 58 of them were bedrooms and 33 bathrooms.

Marjorie Post was the one to build the luxurious mansion and she brought high-end designers to plan it.

Trump and his wife at that time, Ivana, purchased the estate in ’85. They paid a great sum for it: only eight million dollars.

The business mogul has plenty of businesses there. In 2014, he made $15.6 million. With his presidency, the popularity increased and so did the price for membership.

The president and the First Lady are going to continue to visit the place, even if their trips cost American taxpayers a fortune.