Some actors like to celebrate the big night in company of someone they really love, so they bring their mothers. This year, some artists brought their moms to the red carpet in the sweetest gesture. Here are a few of them:

Lin Manuel Miranda declared himself a huge fan of the Oscars. You can imagine his joy when he learned he was nominated. He chose to bring with him the person that inspired his love for arts, his mother. His mom stunned in a black dress. She looked beyond happy and proud of her son.

The artists’ nervousness was visible. He did not win, but being nominated and part of the event was everything to him.

Dev Patel, who got nominated for “Lion”, brought his gorgeous mother. His mom sported a sari and won the entire night. This wasn’t the first time Patel is seen at the Oscars.

Lucas Hegdes, who is believed to have a great future in cinematography by critics, also brought his mom. He was the youngest one in the category he got nominated. His mom looked beautiful in black and beamed the whole night.

While some brought their moms, Ryan Gosling brought his sister. Everyone wondered who the gorgeous blonde was. Mandi looked great in a gold dress with plenty of cleavage. The good genes definitely run in their family.

Everyone was expecting the actor to bring his gorgeous wife and mother of his two daughters, Eva Mendes, but it didn’t happen. Ryan has chosen in the past to bring along his mom or his sister.