Yesterday, the news about Bill Paxton’s death broke. Everyone was left speechless as it happened so fast. The actor was only 61 years old.

A statement was released after his death. What brought his sudden death is a complication that occurred during a surgery.

He had an amazing career both as an actor and as a filmmaker. His family is now mourning his loss and asks for privacy during these tough times.

According to a source close to the late actor, he was nervous before undertaking the surgery.

Some of his most popular movies are “Titanic” and “Apollo 13”. He also starred in ‘Twister’ and in the 1984 ‘Terminator’. According to the statement, his love for arts was infinite. He dedicated his whole life to them. He loved being an actor and producing films.

Since the news broke, his fans celebrated him on social media. Some celebrities also responded and showed their sadness. Last night. At the Oscars, some remembered him. For example, Jennifer Aniston, who broke down in tears.

His last movie is now in post-production. It is entitled “The Circle”. He stars alongside his longtime friend, Tom Hanks, with whom he shared the big screen before. Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone also shares the screen with the two.

Paxton and his wife have been married for thirty years. They have two children together.

Rob Lowe was shocked and devastated by the news. Him and Paxton starred in a movie together. He urged the fans to remember him during the Oscars weekend and watch some of his movies. He also sent his prayers to his family.