The Festival at Rio de Janeiro kicked off last week.

According to The Telegraph, more than twenty people were injured while they were partying at the famous festival. A car that was part of the show hit them.

Three of them have several injuries and one man is in a critical state. He was crushed by the car, who pushed him into a security fence.

The accident occurred at the beginning of the festival. The vehicle is owned by a school that specializes in samba. It is entitled Paraiso de Tuiuti.

At first, the authorities stopped the festival to let all the medics come. They made sure that everyone is safe. Firemen were also there. After everyone was hospitalized, the festival began again.

The police department of Rio de Janeiro took hold of the school’s vehicle.

Annually, the streets of the Brazilian city gather more than three thousand dancers. They compete for the title of the best school of dance in Rio de Janeiro. The competitors come from twelve schools from the city.

This year, it was a great possibility that the show would not take place as the country deals with a major economic issue.

The festival is one of the most famous ones worldwide and welcomes tourists from all over the globe. The country managed to hold it in spite of their problems.

Corruption and violence are some of their main issues.

Although Rio still kept the festival, more than thirty others from around the country canceled it. In some towns, police officers protested, while others simply lack the money.