Manchester United has a lot of success this season. Last night, they managed to win another big game against Southampton. Like usual, the true star of the match was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored twice. The game was part of the EEL Cup final.

The player has a tremendous success. Although he was transferred only last summer, he already became the main attraction and scorer. Until now, he scored 26 times. The manager of the club, Jose Mourinho, is beyond happy to have him in his team.

With this win, the club gained the same number of trophies that their biggest enemy, Arsenal, have. This means 41 trophies in total and all of them are major.

This season promises to be a good one for Manchester. All the members of the team are working hard to get to the finals and get the best results.

After the game, some believe the Swede has something for Arsenal. But, Mourinho reassured that he has no such thoughts. In a press conference after the match, he opened up about whether Zlatan will continue to stay at the club or not.

The contract he initially signed is for only one year. The manager said that he is not going to beg anyone to stay at the team, but he hopes that the player will do so because he wants.

Mourinho praised Ibrahimovic and said that the reason why the won is because his performance was outstanding. He knows what he is capable of, as they have been in the past at the same club. He hopes that he will stay, but now, he can’t guarantee it.