One of the highlights of the Oscar night is Nicole Kidman’s inability to clap.

The actress is caught on camera when she applauds, but the way her hands look is rather weird.

Of course, it wasn’t much until the video became an internet sensation. This sparked lots of funny tweets and memes.

One user advised the 49-year-old actress to clap like “a normal person”. Others thought that she looked really funny, like a seal. And others pointed to the fact that celebrities are not normal.

In spite of this small incident, the actress looked gorgeous in an Armani gown. She was joined by her gorgeous husband.

Earlier, before arriving on the red carpet, the nominee experienced a bit of a problem with her outfit. She had a wardrobe malfunction. The strap of her dress broke, which had the actress in a bit of a panic.

She managed to solve the problem and looked amazing the whole night.

The 49-year-old paired the nude dress with lots of diamonds. She had a bold red lip and a nude pair of heels. The gown she had was backless and she let it all see as she had her hair made in a bun.

She and her husband looked really in love. A picture captures Keith looking at his beautiful wife with a very special look on his face.

Unfortunately, she didn’t win an Oscar last night, but she looked like she had plenty of fun. She managed to become an internet sensation, so that’s something.