sterling pound Brexit

The sterling pound dropped on Monday by 0.6% up against other important currencies, after The Times wrote that Theresa May is preparing herself for Scotland’s independence referendum.

Various official sources declared that May might allow a new voting in Scotland with one condition: to initiate the voting after UK’s exit from EU.

In 2014, 55% of the Scottish people voted for their country’s continuance in the UK.

House of Lords will analyze May’s legislative project of triggering Great Britain’s exit from EU.

The pound dropped by 0.4% at $1.2410 per unit, after it dropped at $1.2392 per unit, the lowest level reached after 17th February.

The Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon declared in numerous times that Scotland will organize a new referendum meant to separate her country from Great Britain.

This means Scotland will no longer remain on the European unique market after the Brexit.

Scotland voted to stay in EU at the referendum organized in June but they are still obligated to leave the global organization due to the pro-Brexit voted from England.

May promised to consult with the Scottish government, with Wales and North Ireland before official negotiations with EU, set to start in March.

Sturgeon wants the UK to remain on the unique market and the commerce to unfold in a regular way.

However, during a speech held in January about the Brexit, British prime-minister Theresa May announced the complete separation of the United Kingdom and the abandonment of the European unique market.