When it comes to controversy, Karl Lagerfeld is not afraid of it.

At the end of last week, the designer called out Meryl Streep. He claimed that she asked for money to wear his creation and called her cheap. This erupted into a huge scandal, with the actress fighting back.

But, this is not the only time the famous designer blasts celebrities.

Adele was one of his ‘victims’. Lagerfeld thought that the Grammy-winning singer is a little too fat. He then tried to defend his opinion by only making it worse, calling her ‘roundish’. Then, he said that she is beautiful especially after losing so much weight.

Pippa Middleton was also dissed by the German. He declared that he doesn’t like her face and her back should be the only thing seen.

Lagerfeld also said that he prefers her sister, who looks better. Her mother was also a better choice, being sexy.

Kristen Stewart, who seems to be him muse, was criticized by Karl. When showed a picture of the actress showing the middle finger, he called the gesture rude and the one that does it does not have the ‘best behavior’.

When asked about his favorite singer and Lana Del Rey, he said that he has other preferences. And then said that she is not that bad.

Madonna had enough of his criticism and lashed out at him after he dissed Adele.

Even Kim Kardashian, with whom he seems in good relations, was dissed by him. He was not surprised to see her as the victim of burglary.

Princess Diana is in his opinion beautiful, but stupid.

He always tried to defend his opinions, by claiming they were taken out of context.

The list of celebrities goes on.