Scientists have not so good news.

As in the last forty years, the planet lost almost a half of the life in the wildness, things might not look really good in the future decades as well.

At the end of this century, more than fifty per cent of the species will go extinct.

This result came after a convention held at Vatican. Specialists from various fields gathered: economy, biology, etc.

The Catholic church itself has hosted the event. Pope Francis has been very vocal about climate change and environmental issues and raised awareness anytime he had the opportunity.

The organizers of the conference released a statement. They say that everything is slipping right through our hands and we don’t do anything to save this planet.

Last year, the pope sent a letter to several bishops. He thinks that destroying the environment is one of the most sinful things we can’t do. It’s a sin against the Lord.

Until now, the world has gone through several major extinctions. There were five in total, including one that had nearly 97% of the species gone.

If something is not done soon enough, we might face a sixth major extinction.

Some of the things we do, have a major impact on the wildlife. Cutting forests entirely, pollution, fishing, these practices have increased considerably in the latest years.

If we keep doing all of these things, this extinction will definitely occur. A change needs to happen quickly.

There are organizations that fight for climate change and the environment, but change needs to come from every single one of us.