Yesterday, a small plane crashed into two houses in California. Several people were injured and three of them passed away.

The accident was terrifying. The ones that were affected were the passengers of the plane. There were five passengers in total, including three teenagers.

The parents brought their children to Disneyland. They were from San Jose.

The fire department from the area was called and showed up at the scene at about 5PM. They noticed upon arrival that the two houses were destroyed by the crash. Fire also erupted.

The first victim found was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. One of the survivors, a teenage girl, was thrown out of the aircraft.

After investigating the plane, the firemen found out the three persons that passed out.

One of the victims underwent a surgery. He was found inside the houses, that were burning in flames. His condition is critical.

According to eyewitnesses, a woman stepped out from one of the homes with her clothes on fire. She said that she was the pilot.

After the family visited Disneyland, they were on their way home. The neighborhood they crashed into was a residential one.

A teacher that was during her class at a school nearby saw the plane right before it crashed. It was raining. She says that everything happened really fast, it just went down and then a loud crash was heard.

Some of the locals thought it was an earthquake as the ground shook.

The ones that live in the houses near the accident were taken to a center.