Yesterday, the president held the speech in the Congress.

He approached a series of topics and showed a completely redefined political base of his party.

This time, Trump chose to have a much more optimistic tone. However, he still warned about the threats coming from abroad.

He stated that America is always putting its citizens first and that is the way to make it ‘great again’.

His speech was pretty lengthy. At the end of it, only his party cheered him, while the Democrats didn’t look too excited.

Of course, he exposed a long list of plans he has.

Trump also took a moment to honor the wife of a fallen service member. The woman was brought to tears by the standing ovation she received.

He promised he will get rid of all the corruption.

Another topic he approached is Obamacare, which will be repealed in the near future. It’s a first thing on his list. He called the law a disaster and also asked the both parties to work for coming up with the best health care system out there.

The president wants to make some serious investments. He plans on rebuilding roads and highways. He also wants to add more jobs. However, his plan is very pricey.

Trump wants to start negotiation about the immigration order. He had some controversial lines, like how much the immigration system really costs the taxpayers.

A plan is to change the tax reform. Boosting the military forces is also a goal he established.

The event did not go without statements, especially coming from the Democrat party. Some women chose to wear white, sign they are willing to fight him over women’s rights.