According to a new study, music genres have a different influence and trigger various memories.

Happy memories are the ones that come into our minds faster than others. To trigger them, happy or positive music is the best. Peaceful music is also great.

Is you listen to sad songs, then it is normal that sad memories will spring into your mind.

The University of Canada ran the study. 48 people took part of the research. They had to listen for about thirty seconds to 32 piano songs. These songs were just composed, so they never heard them before.

The songs were sad, happy, peaceful and scary. The participants recalled some of their memories. As soon as one sprinted into their minds, they had to announce by pressing a button.

The researchers analyzed how much it took to bring that memories into mind.

Positive memories, that were drawn by happy music, came way faster into minds. These memories also appeared to be more vivid.

Half of the participants heard these songs in no particular order. The other half had their songs in a certain order. First, the peaceful melodies were played, then the sad and scary and the happy ones were the last.

People also notice that a song from the past can bring back memories. Music has a very important connection with the brain. It influences emotions, actions and, of course, creativity.

Several studies were ran to see how music really influences the brain. It has been concluded that music has a therapeutic potential.