A few months ago, young Amanda Seyfried and her fiancé, Thomas Sadosky, confirmed the media speculations.

The two will become parents.

Yesterday evening, the cute couple appeared on the red carpet at the Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Sadosky and Amanda were impeccably dressed at the release of their new movie, “The Last Word”.

This movie happens to be the one that brought the two actors together as lovers.

But, Amanda Seyfried and her fiance, Thomas Sadosky have met before that, while filming the movie “The Way We Get By”.

Young Amanda walked on the red carpet in a sexy outfit, feeling lovely and confident although she has an advanced pregnancy.

The young actress radiated with happiness. It’s a sure thing that Amanda’s newest role as a future mommy suits her perfectly.

Let’s take a glimpse at their outfits, though.

Sadosky’s option for the red carpet was a gray jacket, matched with black pants and a tie.

His fiancee, Mrs. Sadosky, looked extremely charming in a black mini dress with green prints.

Although Amanda’s outfit was impeccable, her best accessory was, of course, her pregnant belly, highlighted by the dress she chose for the premiere.

Shirley MacLaine, Amanda’s partner from the movie, photographed herself with her hand on Amanda’s belly.

For what we know, Seyfried just entered her last trimester of pregnancy.