Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and their two daughters were spotted by the paparazzi while out for a walk at midnight.

Apparently, they all lacked sleep, so they decided to wander the streets of New York.

Last year, the two have increased their family with another child.

Ryan Reynolds’ star inauguration on Walk of Fame, December 15, was the perfect occasion for the couple to appear in public with their little ones for the first time.

One of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood, Reynolds and Blake Lively, appeared again in a family portrait, during a relaxing walk in the middle of the night, along with their daughter, aged two years, James, and their littlest one, aged 5 months, Ines.

While the older child was carried on her father’s shoulders, Blake was pushing the baby stroller in which Ines was probably sleeping.

Ryan, aged 40, and his beautiful wife, aged 29 years, gave up their glamorous looks on the red carpet and they both adopted chic, bohemian appearances, while enjoying the quality time spent with the family.

Blake wore a striped coat with yellow and red tights and running sports shoes. Her hair was hidden under a black hat.

The actress gave birth to her second child 5 months ago and still has an enviable silhouette.

Ryan, the protective father, carried James on his shoulders as they were walking slowly.

Reynolds was dressed in black denim pants, a khaki coat and white shoes. The piece de resistance was his very fashionable pair of glasses with black frames.