The pregnancy of the singer Cheryl Cole is shrouded in mystery.

After several months in which the media only speculated that she is to give birth to her first child, Cheryl revealed her pregnancy in a L`Oreal advertising when we least expected it.

Now, we suspect that she would have given birth to her child in secret!

Cheryl revealed her pregnancy in a L`Oreal advertisement.

What gives us food for thought?

First, her absence from the social networks.

All of her last posts are old frames.

Then there’s this cryptic message, that proud daddy Liam Payne posted on his Twitter account.

“Why every time I try not to make noise in the morning I have this strange way of walking?”

Is Liam hinting that Cheryl has already born his baby?

Moreover, the netizens have been very vigilant and they replied almost instantly to the artist’s post, asking him whether Cheryl has already given birth to his child or not.

Unfortunately, Liam (23) never answered questions in the online environment, preferring to maintain the silence when it comes to his private life and his loved ones.

We recall that, until now, Liam and Cheryl have not spoken publicly about the fact that they will become parents.

Yet, we know that their relationship is pretty serious. Cheryl has recently moved from her home in Hertfordshire to Liam’s mansion in Surrey.

The two met in 2008, when Cheryl was a judge on X Factor and Liam was a competitor.

Their relationship began in December 2015, shortly after Cheryl was separated from her second husband, Jean-Bernard Fernandes.