Thank God flexitarianism is among the diets that work.

It is dedicated to those who are interested in going vegetarian, but are not yet determined to say “goodbye!” to meat forever.

Some nutritionists consider this trending eating habit of 2017 one of the best diets that work.

Flexitarianism is ranked in the top 10 diets when it comes to efficiency.

In short, the flexitarian diet is a mix of two concepts: flexible and vegetarian.

Beyonce and Jay-Z fell in love with the flexitarian diet and said it out loud: this diet works!

Flexitarians weigh 15% less than those who prefer a carnivorous diet, have a lower rate of heart disease, diabetes and cancer and live, on average, about 3,6 years longer than those who eat meat products.

How does the diet work?

It encourages you to add more veggies to your daily menu. Even if those who embrace this trend are advised to replace the meat with protein-rich foods such as tofu, beans, nuts, seeds and eggs, meat is not completely prohibited.

You can add meat to your menu, from time to time, and no one will ever mind.

For five weeks, you have to stick to a very simple meal plan that can be combined as you like.

There is, therefore, a fixed schedule, the 3-4-5 type, which requires you to eat a breakfast of 300 calories, a 400 calories lunch and a 500 calories dinner, choosing from the accepted food groups.

You’re also allowed two snacks during the day, 150 calories each, making sure the total number of calories consumed during the day does not exceed 1,500, for women, and 1800-2000, in what concerns men.

So, yes, flexitarianism is a diet that works. But, don’t believe us, try it yourself!