gave birth

A woman from Palestine passed away after she gave birth to her baby.

The woman was from Gaza and this was her 69th child. Her husband confirmed the news of her death to a local newspaper. She must have been the most fertile woman.

For sixteen times, the woman delivered twins. She had triplets seven times and delivered quadruplets four times.

Giving birth to three or four children at once rarely occurs, but to this woman it happened so many times.

It’s still not sure how this woman managed to give birth to so many children.

Unfortunately, some societies pressure women to give birth to as many off-spring as possible. The lack of knowledge about contraception and planned parenthood sometimes end badly. This woman even died.

A woman from Russia has 69 children as well. Just like the Palestinian, the woman named Vassilyeva gave birth to twins sixteen times. She has seven sets of triplets and she gave birth to quadruplets four times.

For her record of children, she has been introduced in the Guinness records.

There are other women who managed to give record births. For example, Gravata family has 62 children, Kirillov family as 57, while the Stratzmanns has 53 kids.

Other information about the Palestinian woman and her family are not available. The conditions of life and the way the children are raised were left unknown.

However, her sudden death at such a young age is terrible. This should definitely raise awareness about the importance of sexual education, especially in such areas.