Angelina Jolie just made a new purchase. This time, she bought a gorgeous hideaway in the Cambodian jungle.

The new place is going to expand the property she already had in that area. A time ago, she bought a property in the jungle from Khmer Rouge. He is a commander, who has been accused of murder in mass.

The hideaway is located in the North-eastern part of the country. It features oasis and rare plants. It looks stunning.

Jolie is currently promoting a movie she produced in the country. She has been in Cambodia for a couple of weeks now. Her children are by her side.

The actress took some time and asked her representatives to purchase the piece of land. As she already had some land there, purchased in 2002, she thought the area next door would be a great acquisition.

The charity she owns is located there. It is entitled MJP Foundation.

The land costed her 32K pounds. Jolie and her children have visited the country and this area many times.

Since she first visited Cambodia many years ago, Jolie was highly impressed with it. She instantly developed a passion for it. This made her get involved in charities and help people from such remote areas.

The film she is currently promoting is about the genocide. Jolie is impressed by the people and the way they manged to survive. Her son, Madox, which is adopted from this country, encouraged his mother to do this film.

The movie will later premiere at Netflix.