Prince Harry and his beautiful girlfriend went to Jamaica to attend a wedding.

Their trip is wrapped in mystery. On March second, they both flew to the ceremony. Harry left from London, while Meghan from Canada, where she is currently filming her series.

The ceremony was held in Montego Bay. A friend of the couple got married. His name is Tom Iskip and him and Harry have known each other for a long time.

He got married with Lara Hughes-Young. She is a literary agent. Apparently, their wedding is a major event. The couple has chosen a luxurious venue. They rented a hotel, a beach resort, so their guests can enjoy the best time.

The whole event needs to be kept a secret. The staff from the hotel had to sign agreements in advance, that they will keep their silence.

But, the prince and his actress girlfriend are not the only famous ones to attend the event. According to rumors, Usain Bold will also be there. Harry might be the best man.

The celebration is going to take three days and three nights.

Markle and Harry are going to have plenty of romantic time in this vacation. The venue is definitely perfect for romance. But, this event actually means a lot for their relationship: it is the first time they socialize as an item in public.

As engagement rumors are out, maybe Meghan will catch the bride’s bouquet.

Various sources say that Harry plans on popping the question soon.