At the beginning of the year, the gorgeous actress announced she is the new face of Guerlain. The campaign is finally here and it is as good as you expected.

Jolie promoted the perfume entitled ‘Mon Guerlain’. Like usual, she looks stunning. The commercial is called ‘Notes of a Woman’ and indeed, Jolie is the embodiment of the perfect woman.

The video was filmed last year in France. It is dreamy and catchy and breathtaking all at once.

The actress is seen in a place filled with sun, she masters perfectly the art of the femme fatale. She moves through the room, through curtains blown by the wind. She goes through her day as usual: reading scripts, doing her hair.

The French brand announced the ad on social media. Jolie is their muse, the embodiment of a sincere and authentic women. The perfume suits her perfect. It is perfect for the modern woman and was created to fit her.

This is her first campaign since 2007. What made Jolie choose this brand is her mother’ love for their face powder.

This collaboration also marks the beginning of her return to Hollywood in the big spotlight. Jolie is ready to take her place back. It seems like she is a whole new person: she is recently single and ready for taking over the world.

She has several movies coming, including the sequel for ‘Maleficent’. She will not only act, but also direct some films.

Right now, she in Cambodia with her children. She is promoting a movie she directed about the war.