Gigi Hadid just covered the very first issue of Vogue Arabia. Tommy Hilfiger, with whom the model has collaborated and has a collection, predicts huge things for the star.

The designer thinks that the 21-year-old has the potential to secure peace in the Middle East.

On Friday, the designer was seen leaving an exclusivist venue in West Hollywood. He gushed about the gorgeous model and her cover on Vogue. Gigi wears a veil over her face.

As the model wears the traditional veil, Hilfiger thinks that this cover is a step further and will improve the relationships.

Gigi has Muslim roots. Her father, Mohamed Hadid is Israeli. The model is proud of what she inherited

and proud to star on this cover. Having her on their first cover was intentional, as they wanted to send a political message.

Hadid has been criticized for wearing the veil, while others praised her appearance.

The 21-year-old seems to be Tommy Hilfiger’s latest muse. The American designer collaborated with her on a couple of collections and always has her on his catwalks. They even launched a Barbie that looks like Gigi together.

Gigi is definitely the model of the moment. Last year, she received the award for Model of the Year. She walks every major runway, stars in the biggest campaigns, cover the biggest magazines. This Vogue cover was her 21st for them alone.

Right now, she is featured in huge shows in Paris at the fashion week. Her younger sister, Bella, is giving her a run for her money, as her success in fashion is getting bigger and bigger.