Bitcoin value has increased steadily in recent years, but nobody expected that the virtual currency ever exceeds the value of gold.

For a large number of users, the concept of virtual currency or cryptocurrency is synonymous with Bitcoin.

There are an impressive number of virtual currencies that are constantly traded globally, but Bitcoin managed to underpin many firsts.

The latest performance of the hard to ignore digital currency has been certified a few days ago by the folks at Tech Crunch.

Since forever, gold has been used as a reference for the real value of any object, material or service.

Starting from this premise, for a few moments, just a few days ago, Bitcoins were globally traded higher than the real value of gold.

As a landmark, it had been used one ounce of gold, a unit of measurement used in the United States that reflects 28,34 grams.

This event was predictable for about a year, but the entire evolution can be seen in the chart below.

In mid-2015, a Bitcoin was worth about $ 200.

The maximum was reached last week at $ 1238,11.

Gold was traded $ 1237,73 per ounce.

According to the media, the precious metal revolves around this threshold for a few years already.

As always, the fluctuations in value will continue to exist.

That does not necessarily mean that people are starting to sell gold to buy Bitcoins.

However, this translates into an increased interest in the digital currency. And, a confirmation of the fact that Bitcoin is still a good investment in the long term.